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Dressy is a web/mobile app which allows female students to rent formalwear locally, making it convenient and inexpensive to pick out a dress.
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Georgia Institute of Technology
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Endless Scrolling

Thrift shopping has existed online for quite some time, but there seems to always be an annoyance when it comes to sifting through hundreds of unorganized items for sale. I saw this problem with Georgia Tech's Facebook thrift shop group, where students could buy and sell used items, ranging from textbooks to furniture. Although it may be convenient and cheap to buy from other students on campus, it's an annoyance to navigate through all the posts on the page.

We interviewed more than fifty students, and realized that using this site wasn't actually a huge pain, because students only use the site as a last resort. However, several interviewees mentioned their struggle to find formalwear, especially sorority students having a hard time finding the right dress for events. We saw this pain point as an opportunity to help them find the perfect dress and also make some money.

Key Insights

Below are the key insights gathered from interviewing sorority students on campus. The key takeaway was that this situation was two-fold: the one searching for a dress didn't want to buy one that she would only wear once, and the one with the dress wanted to continue investing in it. Our team decided to take these two types of users and build a dress rental service based on their local area.


I mocked up wireframes for account profile, inventory feed (which populated based on location, style, and pricing), and rental process.

Dress Easy

We developed a user-friendly mobile app that streamlined the transaction process of finding formalwear. Dressy makes this experience convenient, cost-effective, and full of variety.

Users can create a profile personalized to size, style, and location. This Pinterest-style news feed makes it easy for users to filter and find great dresses around their area.
Profile allows users to post dresses, view followers and favorites, and edit their list of uploaded posts.
Users can post a dress quickly by taking a photo or uploading and filling out the description. Users can also set to Public or Friends Only, and can allow renters to try on before renting.
Selecting a dress will open a popup with more description and options to like, try on, and rent the dress.
Users can view their cart and edit items, such as payment method (which can be integrated with Paypal or Venmo) and rental period.
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